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At Santa Clara Divorce Options we can help you with your Divorce Mediation today. We provide a high level of service and can speak with clients any time day or night.

Our Mediators will help resolve your divorce and help you get on with your life. We will help you save time and money and keep you out of court!

We will answer basic questions about your divorce or child custody issues.

Here’s What We’ll Cover On Your Consultation


We complete all required court documentation, written parenting plan, and written marital settlement agreement.


Communicate with the court on both parties behalf. To save money and time, we use a full range of telecommunication options.

Financial and Parenting Plans

We will work with both parties in an efficient manner in order to create a comprehensive financial and parenting plan. We can also provide long-term co-parenting conflict management.


Draft and file all court documentation accurately.


Talk with each party separately to assess the conflict and design effective action steps. We can take the stress out of the process.


Create a comprehensive and sustainable agreement, including property and debt division and a parenting plan if children are involved.

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Marital Mediation


Prenuptial Agreement


Adult Family Mediation


Family Mediation

Top Santa Clara Divorce Mediators

Santa Clara Mediator is the premier divorce mediation firm in Silicon Valley. We offer a new hybrid of divorce mediation that completely encompasses the client or clients’ specific needs in regard to all aspects of divorce.

We specialize in clients who are highly educated, high-earning professionals, such as:

Tech Executives
Marketing Executives
Business Exectives
We understand that when going through the process of a divorce, one does not have the time to execute all the aspects of divorce, such as: the legal proceedings including estate planning and business mediation, discuss financial matters with the clients’ CPA, provide a psychotherapist to ensure wellbeing and even help parties move homes.
We are experts in complex divorces that may involve trust funds and international property and custody agreements.
Our highly-trained mediators are discreet and keep everything confidential, even when utilizing electronic communication to save time.
We will work with both parties in an efficient manner in order to create a comprehensive financial and parenting plan. We will also complete and file court paperwork on the clients’ behalf.

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