Marital Mediation Los Altos Hills

Marital mediation centers on dispute resolution. It is not marital counseling. When a couple cannot resolve conflict, the marriage will suffer and could possibly lead to divorce.

As mediators, we identify negative behaviors and resolve them with marital mediation techniques. We analyze how the couple communicates, and using that information, teach the couple more productive ways of negotiation and conflict resolution.

Areas of conflict include family, finances, parenting, career, spirituality, religion, sexuality, and so forth. Our marital mediation process is practical, efficient and goal-centered. It can clarify whether a couple should stay married, get a divorce, or a separate and often results in written agreements that suit both parties.

Our Los Altos Hills marital mediation is:

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Marital Mediation Los Altos Hills

Los Altos Hills Marital Mediation

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