Child Custody Palo Alto and Divorce Mediation

If you are a divorcing couple with children, you can minimize some stress by carefully reflecting on a cooperative child custody Palo Alto arrangement and following a few general guidelines. At Boileau Conflict Solutions and at Santa Clara Mediator, we recommend the following as you move from living with your spouse to living apart.

1. Think about what your children truly need from both parents. At Boileau Conflict Solutions/Santa Clara Mediator, we use developmental psychology and attachment theory to focus on the best psychological interests of your children.

2. Consider creating an immediate, interim parenting plan and a future plan after both spouses are living separately. This can decrease anxiety for the present, and help structure an evolved parenting plan after the dust settles. Boileau Conflict Solutions/Santa Clara Mediator drafts transitional plans as a matter of course.

3. Write down your plan in detail. Figure out where your children will be every day of the week and every hour of each day. Make a list of where the children will be on holidays, birthdays, and other important days. Make a summer plan that could include camp, holidays, extracurricular activities, and time with grandparents. At Boileau Conflict Solutions/Santa Clara Mediator, we can provide you with a detailed and extensive parenting plan that is sensitive to your unique circumstances.

4. If you and your spouse have immigrated to the United States from a foreign country, and one of you will be returning to your home country and the other staying in the United States, we at Boileau Conflict Solutions/Santa Clara Mediator can draft an international parenting plan that is effective, cooperative, and sustainable.

5. At Boileau Conflict Solutions and Santa Clara Mediator, we can help you build a joint and cooperative parenting plan. The sooner in your process, we get involved the greater the opportunity for a cooperative and workable, written plan.

Don’t wait until after the divorce to draft a careful and workable parenting plan. Make an interim plan, and a longer-term plan as soon as you start developing your divorce plan. Put it in writing. Be flexible. Prioritize the best interest and good mental health of your children. Call us at Boileau Conflict Solutions/Santa Clara Mediator if you would like to consult with us or hire us to draft your agreements.

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