Divorce Mediation Consulting Services

Mediation & Negotiation Consulting Services

We at BCS Mediation & Negotiation have learned that consulting services can be quite valuable for some married individuals or business partners before taking any formal or legal steps.  Please feel free to call BCS Mediation & Negotiation at boileaucs.com or santaclaramediator.com for a free conversation about the consulting services we can provide before you take action in your situation.  Our conversations are always strictly confidential.

For your divorce planning:
Many individuals who are contemplating divorce benefit greatly by discussing all important aspects of their situation long before they mention a contemplated divorce with his or her spouse.  This could include issues that relate to the legal, psychological, social, familial, parenting, and financial aspects afoot; family trust funds; problems at work or a job change; financial or tax planning issues; concerns with children; imminent death in the family; sexual affairs; or international issues.  By speaking with us well in advance, you can properly plan for divorce in a responsible way that secures chances for a win-win outcome.
During all stages of your divorce:
We regularly consult with individuals regarding their imminent or current divorce, whether or not they have a lawyer, and whether or not their spouse has a lawyer.  The consultation is private and discreet, and focuses on the integration of psychological, financial, and legal issues that might not be prominent in the legal process of dissolution itself.  In our experience, however, we see that this deeper level of consultation can help people make better choices in their dissolution process.
Getting into a business deal or business relationship
Our clients always enjoy the benefit of carefully preparing for all aspects of their contemplated deal or relationship.  In private conversation we are able to help them fully develop their strategic goals relative to their personal values, in the context of their life as a whole.  By using game theory mathematics, psychoanalysis, practical financial wisdom, and negotiation skills, we are able to help our clients carefully plan for their business meetings.
Getting out of a business deal or business relationship
Sometimes business deals or relationships have reached the point where you may want to leave, or to change the nature of the relationship.  Because of our advanced knowledge of all aspects of conflict situations, we can help you avoid unnecessary friction, and build a plan toward a win-win, cooperative solution.  By utilizing our toolbox that includes game theory mathematics, psychoanalysis, cross-cultural knowledge, advanced negotiation skills, discourse analysis, and communication skills, we can help you properly prepare for such change.
We at santaclaramediator.com or boileaucs.com are ready for your confidential call at your convenience.  The first call is free, and there is no obligation after that.

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